Gather The Village- Richmond Virginia

Gather The Village- Richmond Virginia


Date: November 11th

Location: Private Residence in Richmond, VA

Join us under for a warm and inviting evening under the stars, hosted by Stephanie Beaty, as we hold an intentional conversation with Village Founder Krystal Donovan-Festerly, about taking the time to stop and smell the roses, even when life seems too busy to sleep.


5:00- Cocktail Hour: Mix & mingle with new friends and old while sipping the most delectable hand made cocktails.

6:00- Dinner + Dessert: Enjoy a delicious farm to table meal while taking part in an intentional conversation lead by Krystal, The Village Founder.

Sit and stay a while, chat until your hearts content, and leave with your cup full and maybe with a few friends in tow.

Plus a lovely gift bag!.

Location- Richmond, Virginia

The evening will be documented by Creative director and photographer Anna Laero.

*You will receive the location address + more details about the evening upon purchase.

Please note: Event tickets are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend, you're welcome to gift or sell your ticket to a friend, who can attend in your place.

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Hosted by Leney Breeden

the art of slow living.
it’s a phrase that’s becoming more mainstream, hashtagged and popular these days, but what does it really mean?
what does it look like to #liveslow?

for me?
it’s a lifestyle.
it’s a lens through which you can choose to view everything that surrounds you.
how you perform tasks, the mindset you hold, how you prioritize your life.
it’s the idea that allows you to embody mindfulness and intentionality in everything that you do.
two practices that are becoming increasingly important in the fast paced, motion driven world we live in.

it’s been a journey that i set out on a few years ago and has since changed my life in more ways than i can account for or quantify.