KINDRED HEALING- A Gather The Village Dinner

KINDRED HEALING- A Gather The Village Dinner

from 75.00

We’re Gathering The Village in Riverside, CA

With SPECIAL GUEST- Mayte Noguez

Hosted by- Sheena Fierro

Catered by- The Salted Pig

July 14th

Join us + Mayte Noguez for the most magical and healing dinner to date. The evening will be filled with craft cocktails, laughs, a delectable curated dinner by The Salted Pig, and so much more. Submerse yourself in an Intentional Conversation lead by Krystal, The Village Founder, plus a few surprises along the way.

We met Mayte at our Dinner in Dallas, and we just knew that we needed to bring her back here to California just for YOU. You will hear from Mayte and discover how your relationship to your womb directly affects your life and body, plus learn how Womb Centered Care effects (Infertility, pregnancy, postpartum, menstrual pain, back pain, and more) ADDITIONAL DETAILS HERE.

Come have a seat at our table, we promise this night is going to be one for the books!

What is a Womb Massage?

“A sobada (womb massage) helps bring your body back to a whole and renews your connection and supports your feminine vitality. Your uterus is considered the center of your body. The massage helps adjust the uterine, bladder and adjust the ovaries. The abdominal massage aids the digestion, pelvic floor and diaphragmatic release. It also helps clear the fallopian tubes.”



4:00- Cocktail Hour: Mix & mingle with old friends and new while sipping the most delectable hand made cocktails.

5:00- Dinner + Dessert: Enjoy a decadent dinner curated by The Salted Pig, while taking part in an intentional conversation lead by Krystal Donovan-Festerly.

6:00- Treatments: Let the healing continue, sit and stay a while, chat until your hearts content, have a womb massage or/and Closing of The Hips, and leave with your cup full and maybe with a few friends in tow.

Location • Private Residence Riverside CA

Time • 4pm - Until the last person leaves, *We’ve been known to throw a mean afterparty, bring your bathing suits if a latnight swim sounds up your alley.



For Guests 21 & older

Event tickets are non-refundable. However, if you are unable to attend, you're welcome to gift or sell your ticket to a friend, who can attend in your place.

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