Interested in advertising in the village magazine?

We works with only a handful of hand picked partners per issue.

We’re looking for brands who want to create an experience, as well as providing relatable content for our readers. In our world, the print ad is secondary. Our editorial team works closely with selected brands to create unique printed and visual content for the issue. The Village also offers brands the chance to create stand-alone branded products for our subscribers and our community.

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Special Projects & Collaborations

The Village is created by and is in touch with a diverse group of creatives, doers, makers and growers. We are always interested in creative projects with creative brands from dreaming up experiences to creating content. 

Wether it's content, DIY videos or an event, The Village is always interested in collaborating with interesting brands to create exciting new publications or interesting experiences. Past partners and clients include Sakurabloom, Orbitbaby, Ergobaby, Stokke.

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